Portronics Modesk 200 Universal Mobile Phone Stand for Desktop Table for All Device size upto 7 inch

Portronics Modesk 200 Universal Mobile Phone Stand for Desktop Table for All Device size upto 7 inch
Price: ₹699 - ₹139.00
(as of Jul 11, 2024 05:00:43 UTC – Details)

Say goodbye to the constant hassle of losing your phone! With the Modesk 200, carry a seat for your phone, instead of just searching your bag or pockets for it, every time. This universally compatible mobile holder allows you to multi-task like a pro and is capable of holding all smartphones and small-sized devices. Watch movies, listen to music, charge your device, or even video call your friends, this mobile stand supports it all. It is made of solid ABS plastic, designed to be durable and less prone to breakage. It has an angular design that provides the perfect viewing angle for your mobile phone, so you can place this cell holder easily on the desk and keep it away from prying eyes. It also has an anti-skid, textured finish on the holder to prevent accidental slips and protect from scratches. Supports iPhones, android phones, windows phones, and all other tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, etc.
[MULTI-TASK LIKE A PRO] : Now go Hands-free while watching videos, playing games, listening to music, making phone calls, studying, or even Facetime-ing your friends. With a sleek look and textured finish, it is the perfect accessory for your desk/ nightstand while at home, and even while traveling.
[ADJUSTABLE AND PORTABLE] : While reading, adjust the device up or down for the coziest height or angle. Allows you to play and charge simultaneously. It’s very portable and can be folded easily to store away whenever you want.
[SOLID AND PROTECTIVE] : Made of solid, textured ABS plastic, the Modesk 200 is very sturdy and stable to use for the longest hours. Resistant to breaking, the stand can hold even heavy, bigger-sized smartphones with extreme convenience.
[ANTI-SKID TEXTURE] : To prevent slipping/skidding of your device from the stand, it comes with a textured base to minimize the scope of damage to your phone. Equipped with antiskid material on the body to prevent accidental slips, it also protects your device from scratches. Smoothened edges for even safer use.

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