RR Signature (Previously Luminous) Vento Axial 150 mm Exhaust Fan For Kitchen, Bathroom, Office with Less Wattage, Noiseless Operation and Plastic Body (White)

RR Signature (Previously Luminous) Vento Axial 150 mm Exhaust Fan For Kitchen, Bathroom, Office with Less Wattage, Noiseless Operation and Plastic Body (White)
Price: ₹1,190 - ₹949.00
(as of Jul 11, 2024 00:02:33 UTC – Details)

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Air Delivery Rate

The powerful motor and high-quality blades produce an air delivery rate of 240 CMH that will effectively draw out hot air and help in cooling down the room.

Strong Air Suction

The high-end engineering of this exhaust fan allows it to produce 2000 RPM for strong air suction that will keep the air clean and fresh.

Compact Design

Vento axial is thoughtfully designed to be compact so that you can easily install it in a variety of places in your home.




Plastic Body

Designed to be lightweight and durable. The plastic body helps provide resistance against damages over a long period of time while being lightweight and efficient in use.

Less Wattage

This energy-efficient fan runs only on 18 watts which makes it one of the best choices to be used in your home as you won’t have to worry about the electricity bill.

Easy Installation

The compact design and lightweight body allow this fan to be installed easily. Just choose the best-suited place according to your requirement and do the simple installation process.

Compact Design: Luminous vento axial is thoughtfully designed to be compact to make it suitable for smaller areas while providing an elegant appearance
Strong Air Suction: Engineered to perform on high RPM ranging up to 2000, it will provide strong and quick suction of odor and stale air
Plastic Body: Made with a durable plastic body that makes this ventilation fan lightweight all the while resisting damages over prolonged usage
Noiseless Operation: Intricate engineering and efficient design allows this fan to produce the least amount of noise, making your life a little more comfortable
Easy Installation: This fan is suitable to be placed anywhere in the house and is easy to set up making the installation process a breeze
Air Delivery Rate: Powerful motor of this exhaust fan allows it to create an air delivery rate of 240 CMH to keep the room cool
Less Wattage: This fan consumes only 22 W of electricity to provide freshness. So forget your worries about the electricity bill
Warranty: Luminous vento axial comes with a 2-year warranty only on manufacturing defects
Package Inclusion: 1 unit exhaust fan, 1 unit warranty card

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