BEE HOME 45 In 1 Screwdrivers Set Opening Repair Tools Kit For all kind of use | 15.3 X 11.3 X 3.4 CM, Silver

BEE HOME 45 In 1 Screwdrivers Set Opening Repair Tools Kit For all kind of use | 15.3 X 11.3 X 3.4 CM, Silver
Price: β‚Ή1,049 - β‚Ή749.00
(as of Jul 10, 2024 16:44:10 UTC – Details)

Fix It Easy This practical and perfect screwdriver set is a must-have emergency kit for every family. just need to understand the steps, you can disassemble and repair them at home, no need to spend money to find someone to repair it. Design Finish blade with magnetic tips which could conveniently attract screws,with ergonomic TPR handle and button on it, it helps you to use it very easily Advanced Chrome Vanadium Steel Material Advanced heat-treated process comes with higher quality, Hard tempered black-oxide shafts designed for longevity and durability; Resists corrosion Screwdriver Set Design Bright, plated shafts are fluted for a steady, solid grip, 360-degree swivel-head handles for precision and better control Rotating Handle Hexagon screwdriver with a hole, you can use rotate handle to increase the torque for making work easier
Screwdriver set organized in 1 precision box, no missing part, easy using, carrying and placing. It is small box, also preparing for outdoor travelling is good choice.
Professional repair tools to assist devices repairing (Mobile, PC, Tablets, Camera, Watch, Small Appliances).
It has 45 in 1 multi-purpose precision screwdriver with complete specifications, can adapt to a variety of field operations, The screwdriver kit is magnetic, the bits are non-magnetic,but put bits into the extension rod, it is strong magnetic for using.
Material : Chrome-Vanadium Steel, Size : 15.3 X 11.3 X 3.4 CM, Colour : Silver, Package Included : 1 X 45 In 1 Screwdriver Set

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